Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) encourages photographic coverage of sports events by the news media (television/radio stations, publications with their company's media credentials visible) without prior notification. Furthermore, we are happy to have students, faculty, staff and their families – as well as community members - attend and photograph intercollegiate events with the understanding that the images are intended for personal use only and not for any commercial use, general distribution or sale. Admission to spectator areas at athletics events assumes compliance with this policy.

Still and video photography from non-media individuals from any area other than spectator seating requires an OLLU Sports Information-issued Photo Pass. Generally, these are issued only to other schools' sports information directors/representatives, who are insured by their employers against physical injury and other hazards – or who knowingly assume such risks - and who are equipped to take pictures without the use of a flash. As a member of the National Association Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), we are guided by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules that prohibit the use of flash photography in many types of varsity athletic events, particularly indoor sports. The issued pass allows the photographer/videographer access to approved sideline areas in the gym and on the field.

Point-and-shoot cameras and small video cameras usually do not require a pass when used in the spectator seating area, although flash and video lights are not allowed by NAIA/NCAA rules from spectator areas in most sports events, regardless of location.

Sports Information-issued Photo Pass requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and will generally require an official request submitted on the employer's letterhead or be issued upon contractual agreement with Our Lady of the Lake University. Issued on an event-by-event basis, passes may be revoked at any time by Our Lady of the Lake University.

As a general rule, freelance, commercial and non-university amateur photography is not permitted at athletics events. On the rare occasion when freelance and professional still or video photography is permitted at an athletic event, the requestor must request a Sports Information-issued Photo Pass and conform to Our Lady of the Lake University's Sports Filming and Photography Policy.

Requests for a Sports Information-issued Photo Pass must be submitted to the Sports Information Director at least one day before the athletic event. Please contact:
Patty Constantin