Women's Tennis Falls to DBU 7-0

Women's Tennis Falls to DBU 7-0

SAN ANTONIO (March 29, 2024) - The Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) women's tennis lost to NCAA D2 Dallas Baptist University (DBU) 7-0 on Friday. The Saints move to 9-5 overall while the Patriots jump to 15-2.

Head Coach Dave Watts said, "I thought we got outplayed in the doubles. I thought we did better in the singles, but there is still lots to improve on."


OLLU DBU Score Result
Millie Wileman/Saskia Vogelzang Isabella Arana Rios/Sofia Teran 2-6 Loss
Ana Ossio/Sofia Gonzalez Madalyn Smelley/Caroline Hudson 3-6 Loss
Angela Pozos Perales/Katica Ivic Sarah Castleberry/Jenna Payne 1-6 Loss
Saskia Vogelzang Leonie Schondelmaier 3-6, 1-6 Loss
Ana Ossio Madalyn Smelley 6-0, 6-7, 0-10 Loss
Millie Wileman Isabella Arana Rios 5-7, 6-7 Loss
Sofia Gonzalez Sofia Teran 6-0, 3-6, 6-10 Loss
Katica Ivic Emily Buchanan  0-6, 1-6 Loss
Angela Pozos Perales Jenna Payne  0-6, 2-6 Loss


Up next

The Saints participate in the LSUA Tournament in Alexandria, La., from April 4-6.