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Men's Tennis Completes Play at Trinity Invitational

Men's Tennis Completes Play at Trinity Invitational

SAN ANTONIO (Sept. 16, 2023) – The Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) men's tennis team competed at the Trinity Invitational on Friday and Saturday. The Saints won 13 matches and lost 29.

Head Coach Dave Watts said, "I'm proud of the way our players competed. The tournament conditions were tough, and the opponents were solid. Enzo Frequelin did well reaching the final in the second flight by beating top players for the University of Incarnate Word and Trinity University. Johan Favelin battled in every round of the topflight, with both of his losses coming in very close third set tiebreaks. Paulo Ceolin showed a lot of potential by getting a big third set win against Southwestern. This was great preparation for the ITA's coming up the last weekend of September."

Full results:


Kyllian Savary/Enzo Frequelin (W1/L2): defeated Rafferty/Herrera - 6-1; lost to Vila/Miralles Lopez – 3-6; lost to Patel/Clemente – 5-7

Johan Favelin/Michael Canales (W1/L2): lost to DeLuna/Martin-Thiriat – 1-6; defeated Irdoja/Anton – 6-4; lost to Bendana/Perego – 5-7

Jaroslav Majsajdr/Guido Picasso (W1/L2): defeated Bendana/Perego – 6-4; lost to Ruppanner/Candelas Ruiz – 5-7; lost to Flores/Kaczmarczyk – 4-6

Paulo Ceolin/Malachi Farley (W1/L2): defeated Vo/Nikolovski – 6-1; lost to Faryniarz/Bowe – 1-6; lost to Liao/Dhanani – 3-6

Luis Lainer/Caleb Olen (W0/L3): lost to Liao/Dhanani – 2-6; lost to Ramchandani/Cuellar – 4-6; lost to Sosebee/Hastings – 3-6


Johan Favelin (W1/L2): lost to Whittington – 4-6/7-5/8-10; defeated Clemente – 7-5/6-2; lost to Chang 5-7/6-3/7-10

Kyllian Savary (W1/L2): defeated Chang – 7-5/6-3; lost to Vila 4-6/2-6; lost to Whittington – withdrew

Enzo Frequelin (W2/L1): defeated Reche – 6-2/4-6/10-7; defeated Liao – 5-7/6-2/10-6; lost to Garmendia – 4-6/3-6

Jaroslav Majsajdr (W0/L3): lost to Perry – 1-6/5-7; lost to Faryniarz – 1-6/0-6; lost to Flanagan – withdrew

Guido Picasso (W2/L1): defeated Kaczmarczyk – 2-6/6-3/10-4; lost to Miralles Lopez – 0-6/2-6; defeated DeLuna – withdrew

Michael Canales (W1/L2): lost to Martin-Thiriat – 3-6/1-6; defeated Herrera – 6-2/6-2; lost to Perego – 0-6/1-6

Malachi Farley (W1/L2): lost to Vo – 1-6/2-6; lost to Ramchandani – 1-6/3-6; defeated Cuellar – withdrew

Paulo Ceolin (W1/L2): defeated Snyman – 4-6/7-5/10-8; lost to Candelas Ruiz – 4-6/1-6; lost to Locke – 6-3/4-6/1-10

Caleb Olen (W0/L3): lost to Locke – 0-6/1-6; lost to Bendana – 1-6/4-6; lost to Hauer – 3-6/3-6

Up next

The Saints compete at the ITA Regionals in New Orleans from Sept. 29-Oct. 1.